Choosing the right system

A gas detection system consists of a chain - from discovery of the risk to the corrective action. It is important to think through the measures to be taken at each level of alert, and to plan for the appropriate staff to be informed, such as the plant manager and maintenance contractor.

- What is the purpose of the alarm?

- Which gas(es) are to be detected?

- What detection principles are the most appropriate? How many sensors are needed, where and how   

  should they be placed?

- What rules and regulations apply for the refrigerant in use?

- What is the refrigerant’s density relative to air?

- How does the ventilation affect the detected area?

- What steps are to be taken when an alarm occurs?

Purpose of the alarm

To choose the right equipment and systems, a number of parameters first must be determined. This then controls the choice of products, their placement and the alert levels. The main objectives of a gas alarm systems are:

- Leakage alarm, monitoring unoccupied space

- Emergency alarm

- Personnel health & security

- Warning of fire and explosion hazard

- Protect stored products

Read more in the application brochures and in Samon Guidelines "GAS DETECTION SYSTEMS FOR THE REFRIGERATION INDUSTRY".

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