Service & Support

Even if our products are manufactured according to the strictest international demands and are long-time stable so are they always effected by dirt, humidity, mechanical damage etc. in the environment where they are used.

Therefore the equipment should be inspected regularly.

Service & maintenance

To ensure the function of installed equipment we offer a nation wide and cost effective service and maintenance. Two alternatives of service agreement are available, Basic service and Extended service.

Service on site

What is included in our Basic service?

- Visual inspection of the installation.

- Inspection and function test of all monitoring units, detectors and optional equipment.

- Inspection and possible adjustments of alarm levels on connected detectors.

- Alarm test with gas.

- Inspection of the system with responsible personal.

- Service protocol of the monitoring


In our workshop we carry out service and repairs of customers products. Our target is always to do it at shortest possible time, if possible already the day after.

Consulting service

Samon can also be your partner in support and design new plants. Contact us for further information.

Electrical cabinets

Samon can also supply complete cabinets, with power supply, monitoring units, relays etc. To the cabinets is also delivered a complete set of documentation as wiring diagram in Auto Cad (DWG) format, ready for the contractor to install. We also offer commissioning on site. Contact us for a quotation.

Rules and regualtions

When analyzing or projecting a gas alarm system one important aspect is to have knowledge of which rules and regulations applies. These questions can be a guideline:

- Is there a standard regulation for the  

   application e.g. for the environment,

   explosion risks, personal protection etc.?

- What rules corresponds to the

   regions/countries regulation?

- Are there common regulations for a union of

  countries, e.g. EU?

- Does different rules apply in different

  parts/states of the country e.g. USA?

- Is the plant ”movable”, i.e. ships or vehicles?

  What rules applies in these cases?

- Is there any international regulations?

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