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 Monitoring units


Monitoring unit, multi channel – LAN63/64-PKT

Monitoring unit, relay output – LAN65

Monitoring unit, multi channel - MPU2C/..4C/..6C

Monitoring unit, single channel - G27C

SPU, single channel                                   NEW!

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NDIR sampling system - IR-em2

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 Detection in Brine


Aquis 500 - Ammonia, water/brine             NEW!

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 Stationary gas detectors

TR-IR-CO2 - Carbondioxide, transmitter     NEW!

TR-SC- - Different gases, transmitter         NEW!

G-series GD/GS/GR/GSR/GK24..230 - Relay output

G-series GD/GS/GR/GSR/GK24..230 - Relay output, CO2


TR-EC (CO/NOx) - Transmitter 4-20mA/0-10V

TR-EC (NH3) - Transmitter 4-20mA

MP-serie (for MPU)

RM-HFC - Gasdetector, hotel/office rooms  NEW!

 Auxiliary equipment


Flashing lights, BE

Sirene, 1992 LP

Battery back-up, UPS1500

Battery back-up, UPS4000

Service tool, SA200

Service instrument, DT300                       NEW!

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 Obsolete products



LT-aSENSE-5000-R (CO2)


TR-3210 (NOx)

TR-2000 (CO)

GD2.0-XX (room mounting)

GS2.0-XX (splash proof)

GR2.0-XX (vent lines)

SA100 - Service tool

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