Why gas detection?

There are four main reasons for having a gas detection system:

For personal safety

- Several of the gases contained in refrigeration systems are dangerous to humans.

- A number of commonly used gases are flammable or explosive.
- In a garage, high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) may lead to suffocation.

For environmental reasons

- Most of the gases present in e.g. refrigeration systems have a negative environmental impact. Most 

  discussed are the so-called F-gases, the fluorinated greenhouse gases that affect the ozone layer and add

  to the global warming.

In order to comply with applicable rules and laws

- There are a number of rules and regulations that must be followed by the European Refrigeration

  Industry, depending on the type of application and the gas used. In addition to laws the like F-gas

  regulation, the safety standard EN378 is strongly recommended to follow as it significantly reduce the risk


For economic reasons

- For the refrigeration industry, there is money to save by having an optimal system with minimal leakage. 

  Filling of HFC is expensive and a leak is a loss of expensive gas.

- Demand controlled ventilation of the garage provides an energy-optimal operation.

- Having a system that does not comply with rules and regulations may lead to fines and other penalties

  and may also negatively affect the brand name.

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