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Cold rooms – Commercial

Gas detectors in cold rooms are mainly found in, supermarkets, restaurants, food production, fishing boats and Cruise ships.


A 3D environment of the typical application is found on the top of this page, by clicking “open environment” above you will be able to enter the environment where a proposed gas detection solution is installed. All components has a short description, instruction sheets and a link to the product page of this website. This solution and other are to be found further down where you have to select which gas you want to detect and what type of system you are looking for. If you, against all  odds, are not finding a suitable solution, you can either browse our product page for individual products or filling in the information form, for us to create solution suiting your specific needs.

Applicable laws and regulations

F-gas regulation EU 517/2014 is an environmental legislation that aims to prevent emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases, in accordance with international agreements.

EN 378: 2016 is a standard in four parts that concerns personal safety, property and the environment.

EN14624:2020 is a standard in four parts that concerns Product application, performance, installation and service & maintenance. It is of great interest and importance for the plant owner to comply with that standard. If there is an incident and you have not followed the standard, the penalties can be severe.

Service and maintenance

The above standards and regulations demand service & maintenance of installed fixed gas detection systems of refrigerant gases. The interval of service is determent of the type of gas used and the size of the system. The sensor technology might also affect the service interval from a technical view.  However, all systems shall at least be served yearly with a calibration certificate. Please read more regarding service and how we can help you here.

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