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Here you will find an overview of how it is to work at SAMON together with open positions. We are allways looking for our next talent to join our journey, dont hesitate to get in contact with us.

We truly believe that fantastic results comes from fantastic people. We want continuing building on our culture of work together, challanging the status qou by taking ownership and action. We are operating in a truly international environment where we serve customers around the world with gas detection solutions.

We are proud to be certified as a Great Place To Work by a independent third party organisation. By working systemetic and passionate with our corporate culture we will continuing the leadership in refrigerant gas detection.

Working at SAMON is demanding, rewarding and a lot of fun!



Voice of our colleagues

Our colleagues thoughts about working at Samon.

Petra Lindelöf
Petra LindelöfTechnical Sales
Working in a growing company is a challenge. With the diversity of people and skills available it is a positive challenge where we all contribute to the success story. I love my job and colleagues and it is truly a great place to work at.
Dzenkis Junuzovic
Dzenkis JunuzovicR&D and Operations Director
The company has a huge pool of knowledge accumulated through the years by colleagues with varied backgrounds and specializations. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Employees feel like they are contributing to the success of Samon. The company encourages people to grow and achieve their full potential. Samon lets people be themselves.
Johanna Sepulveda
Johanna SepulvedaBusiness Development Director - Iberia
Working at Samon is simply exciting, every day there are new challenges, more markets to explore, we look for new ways to meet our customers' product needs, we analyze the regulations and apply them, all to protect the environment and people. We also have a group of colleagues who always want to help, in Samon we understand that everything is easier as a team!

Our values



We truly believe that great result comes from great people working together. We are working hard to create value together with our customers, our partners and within our own organisation.



We love to challenge the status quo and go beyond what hasn’t been done before. It takes shape in our development of new solutions to the market, in our way we continue to improve what and how we do and the way we make a sustainable impact on our world.



We take ownership, ownership of our delivery to our customers, ownership of driving innovation, ownership of our effect on our surroundings and ownership ourselves.



We not only take ownership, but we also make sure to deliver. From commitment to customers, delivering products as fast as possible to be available when you need support on your site. When we say something, we will always deliver.


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