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Service and maintenance

Here you can book a service directly by SAMON or contact any of our distributors.

Why the need of service and maintanence?

It’s the same reasons as for why there is a need of a gas detection system in the first place, personal health & safety, for environmental care, in order to comply with applicable regulations and for financial reasons.

The interval of service is determent of the type of gas used and the size of the gas detection system. The sensor technology might also affect the service interval from a technical view.  As a rule of thumb, all gas detection systems shall at least be served yearly with an calibration certificate.

It is not always easy to tell that a sensor has failed; some of the techniques suggested are unreliable and this is not an area in which to take risks. The only sure-fire way to know a sensor is working correctly is through application of the target gas(es) in bump testing/calibration.

Most sensors will also suffer general wear and tear, and the damage caused is not always easy to detect, so the first rule for keeping sensors safe and in good working order is to undertake service and maintenance.

Normally the gas detection system is a fraction of the cost of the system it covers. Therefore, it’s a price worthy insurance to replace your sensor when its old.

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Book service directly from us or through our distributors.


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