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9 June, 2022

SAMON employs Pekka Relander as Senior Sales Manager

SAMON employs Pekka Relander as Senior Sales Manager


SAMON employs Pekka Relander as Manager for Solution sales and export sales to Finland, Estonia and Iceland

Pekka is based at the SAMON office in Gothenburg. He will be a part of the sales team in Vellinge and work very close with service and the aftermarket team. Pekka have an extensive business development background of solution sales where automation, control and monitoring is some of his major expert fields. Pekka comes most recently from BEMA Elautomatik (member of Francks Kylindustri group), where he worked with business development and solution sales for 5 years.

How do you see your new position in SAMON?

“As a new member of the SAMON team, I look forward to share my knowledge and expertise to SAMON colleagues and customers so that we jointly create tailor made technical and business solutions that adds value and exceeds customer expectation. My technical background and education in Business Administration and Management from Uppsala University and Managing Professional Services from Stockholm School of Economics will complement the SAMON teams skills so we earn trust so that we can serve our existing and new customers with new safe and smart monitoring solutions. I have worked hands on and/or with business of most parts of the technical value chain i.e. design, draftsman, commissioning, installation, maintenance and repair and retrofit of complex technical systems for process and infrastructure industries. I will continue this path at SAMON and hopefully gain new knowledge and have fun”.



Tobias Nilbert, SAMON Sales Director, “I’m very happy to be able to hire Pekka with his technical expertise and experience from leading roles in similar companies. In addition to his technical knowledge, he is fluent in Finnish and possesses good leadership skills that will be very useful continuing building the SAMON Solution team.

Pekka have been a client to SAMON and he will be able to jump straight into projects in the countries he will manage.

Pekka will be a clear asset for SAMON.

Everyone at SAMON warmly welcomes Pekka.


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