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16 January, 2024

SAMON leads Innovation in Refrigerant Gas Detection at AHR Expo, Chicago

SAMON leads Innovation in Refrigerant Gas Detection at AHR Expo, Chicago

SAMON, a pioneer in refrigerant gas detection since 1990, announces its participation in the prestigious AHR Expo in Chicago from January 22nd to 24th. This appearance marks a significant step in SAMON’s commitment to the North American market, showcasing a range of groundbreaking products including the innovative refrigerant gas detector, GLACIÄR MIDI.

The GLACIÄR MIDI, SAMON’s new flagship refrigerant gas detector, is set to revolutionize the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. It offers comprehensive gas coverage and is complemented by an innovative app designed to simplify configuration, service, and maintenance, making it more user-friendly than ever before. The exceptional reliability and efficiency of the GLACIÄR MIDI perfectly represent SAMON’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality products and advancing technology in the field.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. SAMON is also proud to introduce upcoming detectors.

For the OEM market, the compact GLACIÄR MICRO is designed to integrate seamlessly into heat pumps and self-contained refrigeration appliances for the detection of A2L refrigerants or R290.

Engineered to work in industrial refrigeration environments, the GLACIÄR X5 stands out with its cutting-edge single and dual-sensor technology. It delivers unmatched accuracy in detecting industrial refrigerants, and features a revolutionary NH3 sensor, designed to last an impressive five years.

These additions to SAMON’s product line represent a new era in refrigerant gas detection, combining cutting-edge technology with reliability and simplicity.

With a local office based in Atlanta, SAMON reiterates its commitment to the North American market. The company is not only leading in technology but also in building strong partnerships. SAMON is actively seeking representatives who share a passion for quality and innovation in refrigerant gas detection solutions.

Join us at the AHR Expo to witness the future of refrigerant gas detection and explore opportunities for collaboration. SAMON is more than a brand; it’s a promise of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

About SAMON:

SAMON has been at the forefront of refrigerant gas detection technology since 1990. With a focus on innovation and quality, SAMON continues to lead the industry, offering advanced solutions for a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Visit Us at the AHR Expo: Stand S6152


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