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22 April, 2024

SAMON’s GLACIÄR MIDI Wins “Accessory of the Year” at ACR News Awards 2024

SAMON’s GLACIÄR MIDI Wins “Accessory of the Year” at ACR News Awards 2024

We’re super excited to share some fantastic news: Our GLACIÄR MIDI has just won the “Accessory of the Year” at the ACR News Awards 2024, which was held on April 18th at Plaisterers’ Hall in London. It was not only a huge honor to receive this award but having it presented by Sir Tony Robinson made it even more special. To represent SAMON at the event was Sales Director, Tobias Nilbert and Flemming Poulsen from our Marketing Team.

This recognition really shows the hard work and dedication of our R&D team, and it reflects our commitment to leading the way in refrigerant gas detection.

Why Is the GLACIÄR MIDI So Special?

The GLACIÄR MIDI isn’t just another product; it’s a standout in the field of refrigerant gas detectors. It has some really innovative features and strong performance, designed to meet the tough demands of the refrigeration industry.

Here’s a look at what sets it apart:

Simple to Choose From:
The GLACIÄR MIDI can be set up to detect synthetic refrigerants like HFCs and HFOs, natural refrigerants including CO2, NH3, and propane (R290), and other hydrocarbon gases. We’ve used our deep expertise in gas detection to make it possible to detect all commonly used refrigerants with just 5 different sensor types. This makes it really easy and straightforward to pick the right detector for whatever you need.

Designed With Users in Mind:
Leveraging over 30 years of experience in the refrigeration sector, we designed the GLACIÄR MIDI to meet the needs of all users. It has interfaces for setup, configuration, and maintenance that you can access through both a digital app and an analog service-wheel. This means you can use it in any refrigeration setting without needing any special tools.

Easy Integration Into Systems:
The GLACIÄR MIDI comes with several options for connectivity, making it easy to integrate into refrigeration control systems or building management systems. Options like Modbus, analog output, and relay contacts are standard, and it’s designed to be easy to install with strategically placed cable glands for accessible wiring.

Reliable Performance:
At SAMON, we understand how crucial reliability is, and we’ve built it into every aspect of our work. The GLACIÄR MIDI is designed to be tough and reliable, perfect for use in machinery rooms, cold rooms, and even the most challenging industrial refrigeration settings.

More Than Just an Award

Winning “Accessory of the Year” is not just about the trophy; it’s a huge boost for our team and a sign that the industry really values our hard work.

A big shoutout to our R&D team, whose dedication to pushing the limits of technology in gas detection from the very start has been key in developing a product that doesn’t just meet but exceeds what the industry expects.

Looking Ahead

Inspired by this win, we’re more committed than ever to keep on innovating and improving. Our aim is to not just keep up with current industry needs but to stay ahead of the curve, tackling future challenges with smart, effective solutions.

Thanks so much to the ACR News Awards for this honor and to everyone at SAMON for your hard work and commitment. Here’s to continuing our journey of innovation and leadership in the industry!

Thanks also to all our industry peers and customers for your ongoing support and trust in our products. We look forward to bringing you even more cutting-edge solutions and maintaining the highest standards in refrigeration safety and efficiency.


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