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    SKU: 81-100 - Find spareparts
    • Environment:ip32

    Please note:This product is not functional without a connected device

    Compatible with LAN63-PKT

    • TR-EC-(NO2)


    • TR-EC-(CO)


    • TR-SCR-NH3-4000


    LAN panels offer an ideal solution for multi-point monitoring of leakage of such refrigerants in refrigeration systems but also for detecting other toxic and explosive gases.
    The system consists of LAN63 (master) and LAN64 (slave) which can be expanded to a maximum of 108 inputs (DI).
    LAN63-PKT and LAN63/64-PKT is the complete package with power supply and enclosure designed for wall mounting.

    Current mode and alarm status is shown by LEDs on the front. If necessary, the relay box LAN65 can be connected to provide one potential-free relay contact per input.

    The panel is suitable for monitoring of HFO and HFC refrigerants, carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia, organic compounds (hydrocarbons) as gasoline (hexane), ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas (methane), propane (LPG) and butane etc.


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