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    Aquis 500

    Aquis 500

    SKU: 35-210 - Find spareparts
    • Environment:ip67
    • Sensor Head:integrated

    The Aquis system is developed for detection of ammonia leaks in refrigeration systems. The development of this robust and practical system is based on many years of experience can be used for water as well as “brine”. The sensor can be used to measure ammonia (NH3) in water. In an aqueous solution, ammonia is in a pH- dependent equilibrium with the ammonium ion (NH4+ions). Since the NH4+ ions are converted to ammonia when adding lye, the sensor can detect ammonia. (the NH4+ ions are not detected).
    The ammonia sensor consists of a pH glass electrode and a reference electrode. Both electrodes are positioned in an electrolyte. The electrolyte is separated from the test medium with a hydrophobic, gas permeable membrane.
    The local change in pH value is measured at the high resistance of the integrated pH electrode. The monitoring unit provides a 4..20mA output, which can be connected to an external PLC.
    Different sensor can be connected to the Aquis500 depending on the application and pressure in the system. The sensors can be quickly and easily installed.


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